Handwriting Day w/ Featured Artist Brenda McGilvra

This year for National Handwriting Day (January 23rd- sharing the same day as John Hancock’s Birthday), we are very happy to introduce you to our latest featured artist, Brenda McGilvra!

We’ve enjoyed getting to know Brenda as not only one of our customers, but more so as an amazing lettering artist! Have a look at some of her work here in our blog and read more about how it all happens!

(And for more information on any of the products mentioned in this blog, just click on their names to see their page in our Marker Supply webstore!)


Getting Started

*How long have you been practicing hand lettering?

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Handwriting Day w/ Featured Artist: Gerald Moscato

A new year is here, and filled with fun little holidays to celebrate different hobbies, organizations, or just to make sure no day is ever too ordinary. This month brings us one that we are always excited to utilize- National Handwriting Day!

January 23rd was chosen for this holiday as it’s also John Hancock’s birthday (you may remember him as the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence.. and whose name has become somewhat synonymous with a handwritten signature.) We love holidays like these- anything that gets people to write like the good old days, with pen on paper.…

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Featured Artist: Loveleigh Loops

For the rest of July, we are focusing a little more on our brush pens and brush style lettering here at Marker Supply. (For more info on the types of brush markers we carry, see our previous blog post, Overview of Brush Markers.)

We LOVE featuring talented folks here on the Marker Supply Blog, and for this month we are happy to introduce you to some fantastic brush lettering artists- Jordan and Jillian of Loveleigh Loops!

LoveleighLoops-225*Photo by Knack Creative

Creative crafters and calligraphers since childhood, these twin sisters love designing various lettering projects themselves, as well as teaching others how to develop their own talent.…

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Coloring Cards by Between the Evergreens

Greeting cards are fun to give your friends & family for special occasions, or any time.. just because!

While attending RAW: Nashville’s Holiday Rawk Artist Showcase this week, we came across artist Elizabeth Lang & her company between the evergreens.


Elizabeth not only does wonderful watercolor paintings & artwork featuring various trees, but she also makes some really awesome greeting cards- that you can color yourself!


Whether you want to be the one to color them OR if you’d rather give them as gifts for others to color, Marker Supply has some great markers to use with these cardstock cards.…

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Featured Artist: @SignJay

We’re wrapping up chalk markers and chalkboard month at Marker Supply with another featured artist!!

Aside from party boards (as featured in our blog about LA Sign Design), and the countless chalk marker projects you can do at home (some of which highlighted in our last blog), another big area that you may notice the art of chalkboard signs is in stores and restaurants! Windows, displays, grocery departments, event posters, menus, and more can have such a nice appeal to customers after they’ve been decorated with chalk markers!!

chalk markers

We Markerland folks are always very impressed by the talented people behind those signs, and we are excited to feature a chalkboard sign artist who is very active in doing store display and event poster chalkboards!…

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Featured Artist: LA Sign Design

We are very excited about Marker Supply’s newest featured artist – Lacey at LA Sign Design!

lacey lasignlogo
“My main passion is to keep the art of handwriting and cursive alive in the most creative ways possible.
I love technology but nothing beats handmade, in my opinion.
” –Lacey @ LA Sign Design

Lacey is the owner/artist behind her business, LA Sign Design, that creates a number of incredible chalk marker art projects- from store advertisements, to event posters, to menus, to our highlight of this blog: PARTY BOARDS!!

Handmade boards done with chalk markers are becoming more & more popular at birthdays, weddings, and other special events as a fun and unique way to decorate and display information to the guests!…

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Featured Artist: My Perk Me Up Cup

Marker Supply has encountered a variety of amazing artists over the years! We’re very happy and thankful to have so many loyal customers that love creating art with our markers.

To help highlight the works of these talented folks and the drawing tools they use, we are excited to have a series of Featured Artists here in the Marker Supply Blog!


Artist: Samantha @ My Perk Me Up Cup
Project: Painted glass & dishware
Products: Pebeo Porcelaine 150 and Vitrea 160 Markers
One of our favorite Pebeo-painting mug artists is Samantha at My Perk Me Up Cup. She creates custom mugs with a LARGE variety of free-hand designs including characters, colors, and clever couples’ sets!  …

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