POSCA Art & New Sets!!

Some of our favorite and best-selling markers here at Marker Supply are the Uni Posca Paint Markers.

They are available in a variety of colors and tip styles- so you can always find just the right fit for each project you do!


Poscas use water-based acrylic paint that marks on just about anything! Metal, wood, glass, plastic, chalkboards, stone, posters, canvas, fabrics, even things like surfboards!  The paint is opaque and can be applied over the top of other colors once dry. Marks will be permanent on porous surfaces like paper and wood. On hard surfaces like glass and chalkboards, the paint will be waterproof, but can be cleaned off with a standard household/glass cleaner.…

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The Clean Color Craze!!

We’ve recently seen an explosion of art blogs, message boards, and customers using and enjoying one of our water-based brush pens- the Clean Color Real Brush from Zig!!


The artwork created by these pens has been amazing to see! The flexible brush tip allows for thick and thin lines to be made- great for brush lettering and quick sketching. Plus, try blending the Clean Color Real Brush pens with a water pen for gradation and shading effects, or to create incredible watercolor style art!! This pen can make anyone feel more like a professional artist!

Use the Clean Colors to:
-Easily sketch out your drawings before adding water & creating the look of a watercolor painting!…

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Sakura Pentouch Marker Holiday Project


Here at Marker Supply we are always looking for new ways to use the markers we carry. It’s extra fun when we get to see what you create with them. One of our favorite blogs Oh So Beautiful Paper featured a DIY tutorial on jazzing up your holiday place settings using Sakura’s Pentouch markers on leather as napkin rings. It’s such an easy way to add a personal touch to your holiday festivities.



You can also register to win a set of Pentouch paint pens on their blog by leaving a comment. If you want to get started right away we offer all the colors and tip sizes on www.MarkerSupply.com.…

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Food Menu Sign Sets!

Introducing our newest sets of the ZIG Woodcraft chisel markers in special color groups designed for food menu artists! These fun 4-marker sets have colors that will give you a great start in any department!

FOOD-SETSblog*Read more about these sets HERE!

Chalkboard art in restaurants, grocery stores, cafés, specialty shops etc. makes a great visual impact on signs and menus and helps advertisements really stand out! Colorfully decorated windows for holidays or special events can also be very attractive to your customers!

The ZIG Woodcraft markers are very popular with artists that do this kind of work. The water-based ink stays on chalkboards, whiteboards, glass and mirrors until removed with general purpose spray cleaner.…

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