With the holidays approaching fast, we’ve begun putting together a few lists of marker projects for holiday decorating! Whether you are entertaining guests for dinner, needing fun projects for the kids, or just wanting to make your house or office a bit more festive- keep your eyes here on the Marker Supply blog! We’ll be highlighting products from several different brands, and a few ways you can use them this holiday season!

This 1st Blog in the Holiday Decorating Series features products from Marvy Uchida!

The Marvy Easy Chalkboard Marker

This is one of several new markers here at Marker Supply, and we are excited about it! Chalkboard art is becoming so popular everywhere! This jumbo tip paint marker allows you to easily create a chalkboard surface on paper, wood, and terra cotta! Pair it with the Marvy Bistro Chalk Markers– which will wipe off with just a damp cloth- for easy sign making that you can use over and over!

(Tip: After creating your chalkboard surface, use permanent paint markers (Marvy Decocolor, etc) for the parts of your signs, decorations, etc. that you want to keep there. Then use a water-erasable paint marker (Marvy Bistro, etc) for any part you want changeable. Then when you wipe it with a damp cloth, everything will stay put except for what you want to change!)

Here’s how we used the Easy Chalkboard Marker for the holidays:


*Dinner party labels!
These next few months are big for parties and all kinds of gatherings- make some easy paper card mini chalkboard signs to help keep everything straight!


-Add some elegance to the table with fancy place cards!
-Label your food and drinks to help your guests find just what they like!
-Create some unique tags for your gifts!

*Holiday card photo bubbles!
Sending out cards this year? Make something extra special to fill the mailboxes of your family and friends! Cut out some thought or speech bubble shapes on cardboard or thick paper, then color with the Easy Chalkboard Marker. Use larger cut-outs with your friends as a “photo booth” style prop, or place above babies/pets to give them a voice for your photos/cards!


You can also use some caption bubbles to make a little extra fun for your picture frames!


*The countdown calendar!
Exciting for the kiddos that wait for Santa, helpful for a busy holiday schedule, or fun to see how many days left of the year- make a countdown calendar to keep track of the time until the day you are waiting for! Paint your chalkboard surface on an object, then use the Bistro Chalk markers or plain chalk to make your numbers & change them each day!



Marvy Fine Writing Pens

Whether it’s for adding a splash of color to everyday writing tasks like lists and calendars, or if you are doing fancy lettering on holiday letters, cards, & envelopes, even if you just want a nice look when writing on dark paper- you’ll find some great pens from Marvy!

*Marvy Le Pen
Great for plain OR fancy writing/doodling, the Le Pen’s have an extra fine plastic point
and come in a selection of 18 fun colors!

*Marvy Gel Reminisce
Try these roller ball gel pens for your cards/lists/scrapbooks and more!
The metallics have an especially nice look on dark papers.


*Marvy Calligraphy Pens
Available with fine, medium, and broad square tips- and in several different colors- these pens are a great choice for calligraphy and lettering. Doing crafts that need more permanent writing?
Use the Marvy Calligraphy Permanent Marker or the oil-based Decocolor Calligraphy paint pens.


Marvy Fabric Markers

Marvy has a very large selection of fabric markers that work great for creating custom designs or decorations!

The Marvy Fabric Markers come in 3 tips sizes and many colors. They are permanent without the need to iron/heat set!

The Marvy Decofabric Markers have a fine bullet tip and also feature a variety of colors and effects.

Try some Decofabric sets made perfect for the holiday season!

Use fabric markers on clothing- Make special holiday shirts/hats/socks/shoes with your family!
Color on fabric placemats, napkins, or tablecloths- Add some decorative doodles to the dinner table!

Try coloring some doilies- it’s just like little fabric coloring books!!


Stay tuned to the blog for more project ideas featuring products from other brands we carry at Marker Supply!

Have any holiday marker crafts that you / your friends & family like to do? We love seeing what creative ideas you guys come up with! Post/tag us on our social media pages or email us!

Inspiration Monday : Broad Edge Calligraphy

This week I wanted to share some beautiful broad edge calligraphy work. The following pieces show how much variety you can get with the double ended ZIG Memory System Calligraphy markers. The calligraphy “S” shaped flowers are a favorite and really easy to achieve (I plan on showing you how in one of our upcoming video blogs!). Enjoy!





ZIG Memory System Calligraphy Marker

ZIG Memory System Calligraphy Double Ended Marker available here:

Make this Valentine’s Extra Special with Homemade Sentiments

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, and what better way to express your love to others than an old-fashioned homemade card? With Hallmark and e-cards becoming more popular, taking time to create your own card is a way to show your loved ones how truly special you think they are. Even if you aren’t up to making your own cards, you may want to remember the special day in your scrapbook pages. Here at MarkerSupply, we have a variety of products to help you in your cardmaking and scrapbooking ventures.

Lindsay Smith once again provided excellent examples of Zig markers in action! In this first example, Lindsay used the Scroll and Brush markers highlighted in our last blog for the accents on this scrapbook page. Lettering was done with the Zig Calligraphy markers.

Valentines Page.jpg

For the next two examples, Lindsay used Zig Calligraphy Blending sets for both lettering and accents. The first is a Valentine’s card, while the second simply represents a lettering them that would be most appropriate for Valentine’ Day. The blending sets are available in an array of colors.


Be sure to visit MarkerSupply to see the complete range of markers and colors that we offer to help you get started on your own Valentine’s Day projects!

Zig Calligraphy Blending Sets

The beauty of calligraphy can be made even more appealing by the use of Zig Calligraphy Blending Sets. Each set offers three complimentary colors that can be combined to add that special touch to all of your calligraphy projects. Use these sets to create homemade note cards, address envelopes for special occasions, or even design your own scrapbook pages.

One technique these markers can create is a darker border for your lighter color. To achieve this, follow these steps:
1. Choose two colors from your set, one darker than the other.
2. Open both sides of your lighter marker.
3. Use your darker marker to “color” the tips of the lighter marker.
4. When you then write with the lighter marker, your strokes will have a dark border.
5. See the diagram below for an example.

Zig Calligraphy

The Harmony set pictured below is only one of the many we have available. View our store for the entire collection.

zig calligraphy sets

Calligraphy Overview

Calligraphy is perhaps the most beautiful type of handwritten script, and we offer a variety of pens and markers created specifically for this art form. In the blogs found in this category, you will see the various brand names we offer put to use.