Back To School Product Highlights

Whether you’re going back to school this fall as a student or a teacher (or are just a parent trying to keep up with it all), Marker Supply has some awesome tools for things like notetaking and planners, poster-making, chalkboards, personalizing your folders/bags/shoes, and more!



Make sure the important lines of your notes, planners, calendars, and textbooks stand out with these highlighting pens. Following the pastel trends, you’ll now find options of softer tones instead of just the normal neons.

*Zebra Mildliners:
The favorite in our newly added line of Zebra products! Find a variety of fun colors and 2-tips-in-1 for the perfect size line.…

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Overview of Brush Markers

Markers and pens that feature brush tips are very popular right now in everything from hand lettering styles, to sign painting, coloring books, cardmaking, stamping, sketching, and much more!

fudebiyoritipmark-webblog mangakaexamplebrushtipcoloringbook

The flexibility of using a brush pen, sometimes called a fude pen, allows you to make super fine hairlines AND wider strokes just by applying more or less pressure to the tip- which can create some beautiful hand lettering . They work great for coloring as you can reach super tiny, detailed spaces as well as larger areas with the same pen. You also get more control over the flow of ink and color, unlike having to remix and reapply paints separately when using a traditional paintbrush.…

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A Closer Look At.. Montana ACRYLIC

Everybody here at Marker Supply has been excited about adding several new brands to our store this summer. Our most recent addition, Montana Cans, is definitely worth checking out- especially by urban artists, sign painters, muralists, mixed media composers, and designers of all kinds!


Take a closer look at the Montana ACRYLIC paint line…




The newest line of water-based paint markers in the Marker Supply store- Montana ACRYLICS. Featuring a selection of vibrant colors modeled after the Montana GOLD spray paint line, including bold “Shock” colors, shining metallics, glowing fluorescents, earthy tones, and various grays.…

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Sparkle Sparkle! A closer look at.. Glitter Pens

As we wrap up our Pen Pal contest, (thanks again to everyone who has written to us!!) we’ve noticed a TON of folks that love to use glitter pens and markers on their envelopes, cards, and letters… as well as mentioning to us that these shimmering tools are their favorite to use in journals, coloring books, scrapbooks, and other paper & fabric crafts.

So we decided to do a little highlight blog that gives you a closer look at different types of glitter pens we have here at Marker Supply!





Gelly Roll pens.. Everyone’s favorite, right?…

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Black Ink on Glossy Papers

With National Letterwriting Month in full swing, we are seeing a lot of black ink markers and pens being used for cards, envelopes, and postcards.
When picking out which marker you are going to use for your mail, it can seem like the only decision you need to make is the size and shape of the tip. Remember to also consider that the type of ink is important too! If your paper/envelope has a glossy finish to it, you may have issues with the ink smudging and smearing off. And what if it rains on your mail during its travels? Will the ink run when it gets wet?…

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Here at the Marker Supply warehouse, one of the most common things people come looking for are opaque white ink pens for writing on paper.

Unfortunately, we always have to say that these types of pens are still practically non-existent.

The main reason?
The type of ink required to make a functional white ink pen has been very difficult to produce. It would need to be both thin enough to flow through a pen tip AND thick enough to stay a visible white once it’s marked onto paper.


Pigments vs. Dyes

There’s a little illustration we’ve heard that can help explain a big difference between two types of ink- Pigments and Dyes:

First, take 2 glasses of water.…

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Creating Snowy Effects With Markers

Wintertime is fast approaching! For a lot of folks, this season brings along those frozen flakes of white that some of us love and some of us hate. Whether or not you are a fan of real snow, adding the effect of it to your artwork can really make it stand out!

So for those blizzards of art projects that involve snowflakes, snowmen, and other snowy winter scenes, see these quick and easy ways to add and enhance the effect of SNOW on your cards, crafts, and more!


Salt & Watercolors


You can create a crystallized look on a watercolor background by sprinkling some sea salt on top before it dries!…

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Warm Metallics: Gold Ink Variations

The variety of warm metallic colors includes many shades of gold, along with other metals such as copper and bronze- but even with the same color name, they definitely do not all look the same!


Have a look at the Metallic Marker section at Marker Supply!

Use these ink swatches as a reference for how each marker appears on light vs. dark surfaces, which ones shine when turned to the light, and find the warm metallic markers that will work the best for you!


Water-based Papercraft Markers


The Zig Wink of Stella Glitter Markers leave a nice amount of glitter along with their color!…

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Special markers to use with a heat tool


A heat tool can be very handy to have in the crafting world. Not only can it help to speed up the general drying time of some inks and glues, but it can also be used to make neat effects with special markers such as these:

* Zig Embossing Markers *

Zig’s Embossing Markers are double-ended, giving you 2 tips in 1 pen!
They come in 3 different styles:

*Zig Emboss Calligraphy (2mm flat chisel tip & 3.5mm flat chisel tip)*
Great for calligraphy lettering & straight edge designs!

*Zig Emboss Writer: (.5mm extra fine tip & 1.2mm bullet tip)*
Great for standard lettering & fine tip designs!

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Coloring Book Markers: Alcohol-Based Markers

The new craze of coloring books has people searching for the best tools to bring color and life to their pages. There are so many kinds to choose from! Marker Supply is focusing several blogs on markers and more that are perfect for use in coloring!

See Part 1: Zig Double-Ended Markers

See Part 2: Pens & Pencils


Part 3: Alcohol-Based Markers

One of the most common tools we’ve seen that people like to use in their coloring books are markers with alcohol-based ink. This type of ink usually has bold color properties and flows onto paper “as smooth as butter”.…

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