Marvy Fabric Markers Used to Create Artistic Onesies

Who says baby showers have to be boring? Recently, the ladies hosting a baby shower for Al and Alberta’s (MarkerSupply’s owners) daughter, Brigid Katselis, decided that the anticipated arrival of her first child should be celebrated in style. Among the many fun and creative games the girls had guests participate in, the onesie decorating contest was a favorite. Knowing that onesies are a must for any baby’s first year, providing unique onesies became the focus. Each shower guest was provided with a plain white onesie and Marvy Fabric markers to create wearable art for the soon to arrive Makena Katselis. Though the guests’ artistic ability varied from basic to beautiful, all of the onesies will be a reminder to little Makena and her parents of the friends and family took time to create them.

Here’s Brigid and her close friend Carrie with two of the many onesies created:

This idea could also be easily adapted for children’s birthday parties or other celebrations. Visit our store to see the variety of colors Marvy offers to help you decorate any fabrics!

Prismacolor Markers Provide Unique Touch to Embroidered Designs

Customer Debra Gasper has found an interesting way to customize her embroidery. “I do embroidery and then I color in the designs with the markers. It really changes the look of the embroidery,” Debra explains. “I have ordered your markers before and just love them.” Her already adorable designs are made even cuter with her creative use of color.

Here are examples of Debra’s work:
100_0277.JPG 100_0275.JPG

“The windows I embroidered are probably my favorite. I enjoy doing towels that are a little unique,” says Debra. To add the color, Debra uses the Prismacolor markers that are available both individually and as sets. We also carry Prismacolor pencils for all of your artistic needs.

Marvy Brings Color to Your Fabric Designs

The Marvy Fabric Marker line we carry is perfect for fabric crafts. As Halloween and Christmas holidays approach, these markers will provide what you need to design homemade crafts, costumes, or gifts. Marvy Fabrics work well on dark, heavy materials, as well as all other types of fabrics.

Below is a project that can also be found on Marvy’s site.This represents just one of the many possibilities these markers hold!


Project Information:
DesignedBy: LALO
CraftingTime: 2 hours
DryingTime: 24 hours
SkillLevel: Beginner
Denim Overalls
Col #0 – white, Col #2 – red,
Col #3 – blue, Col #GLD – gold,
Col #BRZ – bronze, Col #7 – orange,
Col #6 – brown, Col #5 – yellow,
Col #CPR – copper, Col #10 – lt. Blue
Col #1 – black
Paper Towels

Cover work area with plastic or news paper.
Pre-wash fabric
Transfer drawing onto denim with The Erasable Fabric Marker.
Lightly draw over image with a white DecoFaric Marker and fill in entire area(this will act as a primer). Let the area dry before proceeding.
Note: paint from light to dark and let each color dry
If necessary add a second coat
When finished, let dry overnight
Heat set is recommended. Use iron to heat set design. Put a cotton cloth over the design and iron it. Use fabric’s recommended temperature setting for ironing to set design.
When washing or drying use delicate cycle (mild detergent)

Print out pattern and trace it on to your fabric. For larger image use copy machine to blow up image. Use color chart below to fill out numbered and lettered areas of the template.,

Click here for a template: Fish Template (You must go to Marvy’s website to get this template!)
Print pattern. For larger pattern, enlarge on a copy machine to wanted size.
0-white, 1-black, 2-red, 3-blue
5-yellow, 6-brown, 7-orange,
GLD-gold, CPR-copper, BRZ-bronze

Visit Marvy’s site for the fish template and other project ideas.