Coloring Book Markers: Alcohol-Based Markers

The new craze of coloring books has people searching for the best tools to bring color and life to their pages. There are so many kinds to choose from! Marker Supply is focusing several blogs on markers and more that are perfect for use in coloring!

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Part 3: Alcohol-Based Markers

One of the most common tools we’ve seen that people like to use in their coloring books are markers with alcohol-based ink. This type of ink usually has bold color properties and flows onto paper “as smooth as butter”. These markers may also have unique properties such as being refillable, having interchangeable nibs, and more.


A word of warning about markers with alcohol ink

This ink is usually very strong and can easily bleed through paper!


Make sure you use single-sided coloring pages (with some kind of backboard underneath to catch any ink that soaks through) and/or use paper that is thick enough to handle alcohol inks!
The contents of this type of ink are also usually not kid-friendly, so be sure to use them age-appropriately.




A great coloring marker with tips that are perfect for coloring books that feature small spaces, the Prismacolor Premier Brush & Fine is a double-ended marker with a fine tip opposite a flexible, rubber brush tip. (You can also find the same marker with Chisel & Fine tips). The silky smooth ink flow leaves your pages with nice, even color. Available in 195 colors and multicolor sets of all sizes!




Our equivalent to the Copic markers, the Zig Kurecolor markers have all the same features you love- they are double-ended, refillable, have a variety of tips to choose from, and are available in OVER 100 colors!! Often used by graphic artists and other professionals, Kurecolors contain high-quality permanent inks. Choose from the Kurecolor Twin– with a larger, easy-to-grip barrel- and the Kurecolor Twin S– with a slimmer, square barrel, so it won’t roll off the table!



chameleon22set cooltoneopen Chameleontips

One of the newest markers here at Marker Supply, the Chameleon Color Tone Pens have a very unique ability.
Each marker fits together into 2 parts. One part can be used alone as a regular double-ended coloring marker with alcohol-based ink. OR, if you take out the small section in the middle, you can place the colored tip into the second part of the marker- which has a tip filled with a clear blending solution.
Let the clear blender tip soak for a moment into the colored tip. Then take the colored section of the marker back out, color with it, and watch what happens! The color will start super faint, then gradually darken all on its own as you color! These markers make it VERY easy to color in a seamless gradation- letting you apply some awesome effects to your coloring pages!



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Happy coloring, everyone!!


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