Coloring Book Image Transfer Project!

All of this recent buzz about coloring BOOKS has left us also wanting to color on something other than paper.. so we at Marker Supply have been experimenting with a type of project called “image transferring”. Take a look at this super easy way to put any coloring page image onto a wooden surface!


What you’ll need:

*A piece of “raw” wood without a finish on it (no paint, glaze, etc.)*
*A one-sided page from a coloring book (Note: Everything in your original image will be flipped on the wood piece. Keep this in mind- as letters and numbers will appear backwards!)*
*Zig Decoupage Glue Marker (Find it HERE at Marker Supply!)*
*Spray Bottle & Water*

*and a few hours of patience, as your piece will take a while to dry before the fun part can happen. 🙂 *


The Prep Work:

Step 1:
Trim your image down to fit how you want it over the wooden object. Using your Zig Decoupage Glue Marker, apply an even, thick layer of glue that covers the wooden surface, as well as the paper image (the side WITH the marks on it).

Step 2:
Place your image face down over the wooden piece. Press all over- the middle, the edges, everywhere- to completely stick each piece together. If any spot seems totally dry, you can lightly press the glue marker over the top of the paper and let some saturate through to that area.


The Hard Part:

Step 3:
You wait for it to COMPLETELY dry.
This will take several hours, it’s usually a great idea to just let it sit overnight.
Yes, we know. This part is not fun. But be patient! 🙂


The Reveal:

See, you did it. Good job waiting for your piece to be good ‘n dry!
And now even though it may seem silly, we are just going to get it wet again..

Step 4:
Take a spray bottle and lightly coat the paper with a bit of water.

Step 5:
Gently rub the wet paper. Bits of it will start peeling off of the wooden surface, however you’ll see that your image will still be left on the wood!

Step 5.5:
This process can take a few rounds. You can apply a little more water whenever needed to help the paper keep rubbing off. Just don’t rub too rough, the image may start to come off.

And then.. there you have it! You’ve just made a coloring page on a wooden surface!

Once it’s dry, grab those markers and get coloring! Or, give that one to someone as a gift and make some more!


We’ve had a lot of fun with this super easy and awesome craft.
Stay tuned for another blog about more image transfer ideas coming soon!

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(**The image we used for this Blog is from the Creative Haven coloring book “Fanciful Faces”.**)

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