Snowman Image Transfer Project

Something we have really been enjoying at Markerland lately is image transferring (putting a printed image onto a raw wooden surface). It’s a great type of project for anyone to do, and can help you create both awesome art pieces and fun handmade gifts! Try it out this holiday season!!

This very simple process needs only a few supplies:
-An object made of plain, unfinished wood
Zig Decoupage Glue Marker
-Image(s) on paper, from a book or a printer
-Small spray bottle filled with water
-Extra markers if you want to do any additonal decorating (optional)

From start to finish, you will need several hours, or overnight, to let the piece dry inbetween steps.

See our step-by-step process of making a holiday snowman wooden wall hanging:

Step 1:

Choose your image from either a book, or print whatever you like off of the computer. Cut off as much surrounding paper as possible. Use the Zig Decoupage marker to generously cover the area on the wood that the picture will go onto, and then the top side of the image as well.

Step 2:

Press the image(s) face down onto the wood. Make sure that the glue is covering all areas where there is color and that the entire image is making complete contact with the wood.
*Tip: If you have white in your image, like with this snowman, make sure it has a slight color tint to it, since there is no white ink that will transfer- it is just the white paper, which will later be rubbed away..

With any image, especially if you are using words, remember that they will be flipped on the wooden surface, so be sure to print your text backwards!

Step 3:

Wait for the glue to TOTALLY dry. It will need several hours at least, if not left overnight.

Step 4:


The image should now be transferred to the wood, so the paper is ready to be removed! The easiest way to do this is to spray it with water to soften the paper.

Step 5:

Begin to rub the paper firmly enough for it to peel off, but gently enough to not remove the image as well. It may take several more sprays of water and a little time to get all of it removed, but afterwards- you will be left with your image on the wood!!

Step 6 (optional):

If you’d like, you can use markers to add background color or special effects (like glitter), enhance the look of your image/text, or even to fix any trouble spots that may have peeled off. This can give your piece a much more artistic handmade quality, without needing too much artistic talent! 😉

(To finish this project, we used Zig Clean Color Real Brush watercolor markers, Posca paint markers, and Zig Wink of Stella Glitter Brush markers.)


There are plentiful possibilities with this craft.. Try transferring your images onto other wooden objects like boxes, ornaments, picture frames, and more!!

*(See our coloring book image transfer blog HERE!)*

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