Featured Artist: Loveleigh Loops

For the rest of July, we are focusing a little more on our brush pens and brush style lettering here at Marker Supply. (For more info on the types of brush markers we carry, see our previous blog post, Overview of Brush Markers.)

We LOVE featuring talented folks here on the Marker Supply Blog, and for this month we are happy to introduce you to some fantastic brush lettering artists- Jordan and Jillian of Loveleigh Loops!

LoveleighLoops-225*Photo by Knack Creative

Creative crafters and calligraphers since childhood, these twin sisters love designing various lettering projects themselves, as well as teaching others how to develop their own talent.

Something that helped get you started was a calligraphy class when you were kids. Was there any advice from that class that stood out so well you can still remember it today now that you are teaching lettering yourselves?

“We took our very first calligraphy class when we were 11 years old and absolutely loved it! The style we learned then is different from what we do today but we still remember the most important thing from the class: to have patience and go slowly. That is one of the biggest things that we stress today when we teach our students. It is tempting to skip ahead to the fancy stuff or to compare your work to the work of someone who has been doing calligraphy for years, but it is even more important to start with the basics. Calligraphy is a beautiful art, but it is incredibly difficult to master.”

*Photo/Lettering by Loveleigh Loops
Made using the Sakura Micron Pens and the Zig Fudebiyori Brush Markers

What makes you different from other calligraphers and letterers?

“There are so many talented lettering artists out there, but we think that our business is truly unique because there are two of us. We are able to bounce ideas off of each other. The best way to continue learning is by teaching, and we are always showing each other new techniques and skills. We have also each mastered our own style, so we can do anything from playful to formal. We also use a lot of different tools, such as embossing and gold foil, to provide our clients with a greater variety. Our students appreciate that there are two of us during our workshops because it allows for more robust learning experience since they receive individual attention, even while one of us is at the front of the room instructing.”

LoveleighLoops-211*Photo by Knack Creative

What are some places or things you commonly find inspiration from for your lettering quotes and designs?

“Lettering challenges on Instagram have always been close to our hearts, because that is how we really got started on Instagram. It is a great way to gain confidence in sharing your work, and you immediately become part of an amazing community that inspires and supports you. Many challenges have a daily quote or some other theme. We love these challenges because you spend less time deciding what to write, and more time creating! It is also neat to see others’ interpretations of the same quote.”

Loveloops-FudeMetquote loveloops-AGquote
*Photos/Lettering by Loveleigh Loops
Made using the Zig Fudebiyori Metallic Markers and Zig Art & Graphic Twin Markers

Are there any memorable jobs or projects you’ve done in the lettering world that were particularly fun? Any extra challenging ones?

“Both of us did all of the calligraphy for our own weddings, which gave our special days an even more special touch. One of the most memorable projects that we did was an obituary. The client was so appreciative of our work and treasured the piece, and her gratitude reminded us why we do what we do. The most challenging projects have been those on non-traditional surfaces, such as wine glasses and t-shirts. We love learning new techniques, so it’s always fun to try something new!”

 To see more of Loveleigh Loops’ work, check out their gallery HERE, or visit them on Instagram and Facebook!



Out of all the lettering tools out there, which types do you prefer using and why? Have your tastes in tools changed as your skills have grown?

“Our tastes in tools have changed significantly since we first started. The class we originally took was with a chisel tipped pen, and since then we have learned how to use pointed pen, brush pen, and related tools like waterbrushes. These days, Jillian prefers watercolor brush lettering with a paint brush because it forces her to be patient and enjoy the art, and the color blends are exquisite. Jordan is drawn to the mathematics behind copperplate calligraphy and tends to spend her time with the pointed pen and ink, especially gold ink.”

LoveLoops-goldinkquote*Photos by Loveleigh Loops


This color chart was made using the Kuretake Gansai Tambi Starry Colors paints. Enjoy these beautiful gold pigment ink colors with paintbrushes, waterbrushes, or calligraphy nibs!
Find them HERE in the Marker Supply store!

Any specific tools you would recommend a beginner to start with? What features make them beginner-friendly?

“We recommend that beginners interested in learning calligraphy start with brush pens, and eventually progress to pointed pen.  The Zig Art & Graphic Twin pens are great for those starting out (and we still use them!) because they have the perfect amount of flexibility. Our favorite small-tip brush pen for beginners is the Pentel Sign Brush Pen because of the “juiciness” and color selection. Once a beginner understands the basic strokes, shade placement, and other fundamental concepts of the script, they can move on to more advanced supplies. We also advocate starting with brush pens because they are more affordable and much less messy than dip-pens. You can easily throw a brush pen in your bag and practice on the go!”


Try these recommended tools for yourself!
Find both the Zig Art & Graphic Twin and the Pentel Sign Pen w/Brush Tip here at Marker Supply.



LoveleighLoops-282*Photo by Knack Creative

Interested in learning more about calligraphy and brush lettering styles?

There are several useful guides available to purchase and instantly download HERE at Loveleigh Loops’ online store so you can get started right away at your own pace!

Prefer some in-person instruction? Loveleigh Loops will be hosting several brush lettering workshops this summer, including one here in Nashville on July 25th at our sister company store, Paper & Ink Arts! Come on by for some “loveleigh” lettering lessons!

Click here for more information about their Brush Lettering Workshop at Paper & Ink Arts!


Thank you Jordan and Jillian for sharing your time and talents with us! We look forward to seeing what amazing things you do in the future! 🙂

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