Back To School Product Highlights

Whether you’re going back to school this fall as a student or a teacher (or are just a parent trying to keep up with it all), Marker Supply has some awesome tools for things like notetaking and planners, poster-making, chalkboards, personalizing your folders/bags/shoes, and more!



Make sure the important lines of your notes, planners, calendars, and textbooks stand out with these highlighting pens. Following the pastel trends, you’ll now find options of softer tones instead of just the normal neons.

*Zebra Mildliners:
The favorite in our newly added line of Zebra products! Find a variety of fun colors and 2-tips-in-1 for the perfect size line.


*Stabilo BOSS Original Pastel Highlighters:
Easy-to-hold wide marker shape and soft yet vibrant tones.


*Zig Double-Ended Markers:
Originally marketed as hand lettering and papercraft tools, these dual-tip markers also make great highlighters! Choose from a variety of unique colors with the tip shapes that you prefer between the Journal & Title, Fine & Chisel, or Calligraphy Marker.



During the school year, it’s rare to go a day without writing something. These colorful writing pens won’t bleed though papers- making them great picks for notes, calendars, and to-do lists!


*Marvy Le Pen:
Sleek, stylish pens that keep it cool but simple. Choose from classic black ink, or take your notes up a notch with any of the other 30 fun colors!


*Sakura Pigma Microns:
Among our favorite all-time pens due to the range of tip sizes (003 to 08) and the incredible Pigma ink. It’s permanent, archival-quality, and water/fade/chemical-proof for even the most important documents. Also, it won’t bleed though super thin paper pages!


*Stabilo Point 88:
The #1 fineliner pen in Europe! These colorful Point 88 Pens from STABILO in Germany are loved by kids and adults for all kinds of writing purposes.



*Sakura Gelly Rolls:
These original gel pens were the first on the scene in the early 1980s, and they still remain favorites today! Spice up your writing with special inks like metallic, glitter, or bright neons. Great choices for dark paper notebooks!


*Uni-Ball Signo Pens:
Smooth-flowing gel pens filled with black Uni Super Ink® that is specially formulated to become trapped in paper for ultimate fade-and-water resistance.


*Zig Cocoiro:
A colorful and customizable pen that lets you mix and match the outer body, as well as choose and change out the ink color and tip style of the refill cartridges for whatever your next project calls for!



*Pentel Presto Correction Pen:
The extra fine metal tip of this squeezable “white out” pen makes correcting even the smallest typos quick and easy!


*Expo Dry-Erase Markers:
The go-to marker for whiteboards and other smooth, “dry-erase” surfaces. Also available in fine tip packs for smaller writing in reusable, coated-page workbooks.


*Sakura Sumo Grip Retractable Eraser:
These wide-tip premium erasers grab and trap pencil marks off of paper with minimal effort and without smudging.


*Marker Supply Canvas Pouch:
Perfect for carrying your bundle of pens & highlighters from class to class, this handy little pouch is ready to be colored & customized with your own marker art!


*Krylon Chalkboard Paint:
Take that classic classroom look a bit further and turn any wall, table, or other hard surface into a chalkboard!  Available in brush-on or spray-on.


*ZIG Chalkboard CleanerA handy jumbo tip marker for clearing away chalk dust and getting your chalkboard back to black.


*Scrubs do-it-ALL Cleaner Wipes: Not only do these handy wipes help you keep surfaces like sinks, desks, tables, and countertops clean and disinfected, they also work well for removing acrylic paint markers from windows & chalkboards!



Water-based acrylic paint markers, sometimes called “chalk markers” are widely used in schools for decorating school posters, making painted window art, and of course- for use on chalkboards!

These markers will remain permanent on surfaces like paper & wood. For marking on hard surfaces, if you want your marks to wash off with plain water, choose a “Wet-Erase” marker like the Posterman Wet-Wipe, Zig Illumigraph, or Marvy Bistro. Other “Water-proof” markers will need to be cleaned off glass/chalkboards with an ammonia-based surface/window cleaner.

Chalkboard Note: The more “porous” your chalkboard surface is (where it has little holes in the surface that make it more absorbent) the more likely some colors may stick and leave a faint mark after being cleaned off (many homemade chalkboards tend to be more like this). Always test for “ghosting” of the ink in a small space first to see how well it cleans off.

Browse all of our Chalkboard Marker Section HERE, or take a look at some of our favorites:

*Zig Posterman: Featuring the jumbo 30mm and 50mm Biggie tips, Posterman can handle large lettering or coloring big spaces quickly and easily. Other tip shapes & sizes are available too, and a color selection that includes metallics and fluorescents.


*Sharpie Poster Paint: A favorite of poster-makers for years, this water-based Sharpie paint pen line has recently become limited by the manufacturer. Some tips/colors will remain in stock, but make sure to grab the others while you still can!


*Uni PoscaWith a large range of tip styles and a great variety of colors, these markers keep winning over new fans every day. Make sure to check out the exclusive multicolor sets– available only at Marker Supply!

Acrylic markers are super popular for writing on almost any surface. Try using them to personalize your folders, notebooks, pencil boxes and more!


If shouting your style on custom designed shirts, shoes, or backpacks is your thing- have a look around our Fabric Marker Section!

Find many more markers, pens, pencils, and paints that fit your unique projects in our webstore Feel free to email us with any questions or if there is a certain type of product you are looking for.

Have an awesome and artful school year, everyone!!

~The Marker Supply Team

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