Pebeo Porcelaine Markers on Postcard Mug

Postcard Mug

In the age of digital communication it’s always fun to receive a handwritten letter in the mail, especially when it’s from a loved one who is off traveling. When we stumbled upon this adorable idea by Bailey Doesn’t Bark our minds were blown. They have created a Mug that also serves as a Postcard! When you order the mug you also receive a Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Marker in black to write your message. As with all the Pebeo Porcelaine Markers once dry and baked the written marks are dishwasher safe. Such a cute idea! For more information and more color options of the Pebeo Porcelaine Markers visit the Pebeo section of our website here :

Postcard Mug Map

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