Zig Posterman Metallics Find a Creative Use

The Zig Posterman Metallic Markers that we carry have been put to good use by Big Tattoo Wines. This company was founded by Alex and Erik Bartholomaus in 2002 as a way to honor their mother, Liliana S. Bartholomaus, who lost her battle to cancer two years earlier. Their business donates fifty cents of every sale to charitable organizations that benefit the communities where the wine is sold.

As you can see below, Big Tattoo Wines is using the Zig Posterman Metallics to sign and decorate their bottles. The marker shows up well on the bottle and adds a personal touch.…

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Zig Calligraphy Blending Sets

The beauty of calligraphy can be made even more appealing by the use of Zig Calligraphy Blending Sets. Each set offers three complimentary colors that can be combined to add that special touch to all of your calligraphy projects. Use these sets to create homemade note cards, address envelopes for special occasions, or even design your own scrapbook pages.

One technique these markers can create is a darker border for your lighter color. To achieve this, follow these steps:
1. Choose two colors from your set, one darker than the other.
2. Open both sides of your lighter marker.
3. Use your darker marker to “color” the tips of the lighter marker.…

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Decorating Your Car for Team Spirit

It’s that time of year again! School has started, and the need for school spirit abounds. As you get ready to decorate your vehicle for the big game, consider Zig Posterman Big and Broad markers. One local customer, Mary Johnston, did just that and had this to say about the markers, “They are SO EASY to use and come right off with Windex. WE LOVE THEM!!”

Here are her pictures of these markers in action:



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Welcome to the Markersupply.com blog! Here you will find information on the various uses of the markers we sell. We will be creating postings based on our use and our customers’ use of these markers, and you are invited to submit your comments and pictures. In fact, we will even consider posting your article should you feel inclined to create one yourself! The first few areas we will be focusing on are: calligraphy, glass painting, sign painting, chalkboard art, school projects, school spirit, and fabric. Please contact us if you have used our markers for any of these projects, and stay tuned for helpful information!

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