Marker Supply’s Pen Pal Contest!

The new Marker Supply contest is here!  This time, EVERYONE who participates will get something in return. 🙂

With April being “National Letterwriting Month”, we’re all about celebrating handwritten letters and notes- so we couldn’t think of any better way to run this month’s contest but to have you send us some snail mail.

Physically putting a pen to paper and writing as a form of communication has almost become a lost art for most people. Since markers, pens, and pencils are our world here at Marker Supply, we want to see them in action.
Plus, the Marker Supply warehouse has recently expanded into a new space. …

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National Letterwriting Month

April is here and so is “National Letterwriting Month”!!!


The world we live in today has become more and more centered around technology and digital communication. Emails, texting, instant messaging, and social media are a common part of daily life, but can you remember the last time you received a handwritten letter? The instant relay of a message can be convenient for sure, but the personal touch of a physical letter can be a powerful thing.


The 30 Letters in 30 Days Challenge

There are numerous organizations and blogs that celebrate this holiday by giving you “Letter-a-day” challenges, hosting things like “letterwriting to active military personnel” events, and more. …

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Here at the Marker Supply warehouse, one of the most common things people come looking for are opaque white ink pens for writing on paper.

Unfortunately, we always have to say that these types of pens are still practically non-existent.

The main reason?
The type of ink required to make a functional white ink pen has been very difficult to produce. It would need to be both thin enough to flow through a pen tip AND thick enough to stay a visible white once it’s marked onto paper.


Pigments vs. Dyes

There’s a little illustration we’ve heard that can help explain a big difference between two types of ink- Pigments and Dyes:

First, take 2 glasses of water.…

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POSCA Art & New Sets!!

Some of our favorite and best-selling markers here at Marker Supply are the Uni Posca Paint Markers.

They are available in a variety of colors and tip styles- so you can always find just the right fit for each project you do!


Poscas use water-based acrylic paint that marks on just about anything! Metal, wood, glass, plastic, chalkboards, stone, posters, canvas, fabrics, even things like surfboards!  The paint is opaque and can be applied over the top of other colors once dry. Marks will be permanent on porous surfaces like paper and wood. On hard surfaces like glass and chalkboards, the paint will be waterproof, but can be cleaned off with a standard household/glass cleaner.…

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Coloring Cards by Between the Evergreens

Greeting cards are fun to give your friends & family for special occasions, or any time.. just because!

While attending RAW: Nashville’s Holiday Rawk Artist Showcase this week, we came across artist Elizabeth Lang & her company between the evergreens.


Elizabeth not only does wonderful watercolor paintings & artwork featuring various trees, but she also makes some really awesome greeting cards- that you can color yourself!


Whether you want to be the one to color them OR if you’d rather give them as gifts for others to color, Marker Supply has some great markers to use with these cardstock cards.…

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Gift Boxes, Bags, and Tags

The holiday gift-giving season is upon us, and all kinds of presents will be in need of packaging. But it’s not just for this time of year- try grabbing those markers ANY time you give a present to someone and turn plain ‘ol boxes, bags, and tags into unique works of art that help your gifts look extra special. 🙂

Some marker recommendations and projects that we tried this year at Markerland:

Ink Marbling

A super easy (and pretty fun) way to create one-of-a-kind marbling designs on paper surfaces is with Zig Kurecolor Refill Ink and shaving cream!

Just make a tray of foam shaving cream.…

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Creating Snowy Effects With Markers

Wintertime is fast approaching! For a lot of folks, this season brings along those frozen flakes of white that some of us love and some of us hate. Whether or not you are a fan of real snow, adding the effect of it to your artwork can really make it stand out!

So for those blizzards of art projects that involve snowflakes, snowmen, and other snowy winter scenes, see these quick and easy ways to add and enhance the effect of SNOW on your cards, crafts, and more!


Salt & Watercolors


You can create a crystallized look on a watercolor background by sprinkling some sea salt on top before it dries!…

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Marker Supply Shipping Policy Highlights

Ordering items online has definitely become a convenient way of shopping. But after you click that “place order” button, you still have to rely on the company to ship your items to you. At Marker Supply, getting your order to you as quickly, as easily, and as affordably as possible is very important to us.

Find out more information about these areas of our shipping policy:


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Snowman Image Transfer Project

Something we have really been enjoying at Markerland lately is image transferring (putting a printed image onto a raw wooden surface). It’s a great type of project for anyone to do, and can help you create both awesome art pieces and fun handmade gifts! Try it out this holiday season!!

This very simple process needs only a few supplies:
-An object made of plain, unfinished wood
Zig Decoupage Glue Marker
-Image(s) on paper, from a book or a printer
-Small spray bottle filled with water
-Extra markers if you want to do any additonal decorating (optional)

From start to finish, you will need several hours, or overnight, to let the piece dry inbetween steps.…

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Warm Metallics: Gold Ink Variations

The variety of warm metallic colors includes many shades of gold, along with other metals such as copper and bronze- but even with the same color name, they definitely do not all look the same!


Have a look at the Metallic Marker section at Marker Supply!

Use these ink swatches as a reference for how each marker appears on light vs. dark surfaces, which ones shine when turned to the light, and find the warm metallic markers that will work the best for you!


Water-based Papercraft Markers


The Zig Wink of Stella Glitter Markers leave a nice amount of glitter along with their color!…

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