Overview of Watercolor Markers

Watercolor is a timeless style of painting and sketching. Using markers instead of tubes of paint, etc. is a quick, simple, and more mess-free way to explore this type of art! This blog takes you through the markers we have at Marker Supply that are dye-based and will easily blend with water (and with other colors) to create smooth color gradations, shadows and fading effects, and of course- watercolor art!

(*All of these markers are water-based and should not bleed through most papers. However, it is recommended that if you are blending them with water to create watercolor style art, you use a thicker paper designed to handle the moisture.)


Zig Clean Color Real Brush Marker

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Colors Available: 80

Sets Available:
Set of 48 with Case and Bonus Water Brush
Color Tone Sets of 6
Color Scheme Sets of 4
Set of 6
Set of 12
Shade and Shadow Set of 20
Trend Set of 12
Grayscale Set of 20

Tip Style: Single-Ended, bristle brush

Currently a very popular watercolor marker, the Clean Colors have been recently featured on many craft blogs. …

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The Clean Color Craze!!

We’ve recently seen an explosion of art blogs, message boards, and customers using and enjoying one of our water-based brush pens- the Clean Color Real Brush from Zig!!


The artwork created by these pens has been amazing to see! The flexible brush tip allows for thick and thin lines to be made- great for brush lettering and quick sketching. Plus, try blending the Clean Color Real Brush pens with a water pen for gradation and shading effects, or to create incredible watercolor style art!! This pen can make anyone feel more like a professional artist!

Use the Clean Colors to:
-Easily sketch out your drawings before adding water & creating the look of a watercolor painting!…

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