$1.00 Marker Clearance Sale!

Did you know that Marker Supply has a nice variety of markers for $1.00 or less?!?

The best place to find these deals is the Marker Supply Clearance Section. Lots of pens and markers find their way here for one reason or another- whether they’ve been discontinued by the manufacturer, they’ve become overstocked, the set they’ve come from has been broken apart, or they are just being taken out of our inventory to make room for new things. Nonetheless, these are still awesome items that you can now score for an awesome price.

Some of our best dollar deals right now:


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What’s In A -Color- Name??

The large variety of color hues in the artist world is pretty amazing! Beyond “blue”, “green”, “yellow” and so on… the names of some colors have become a lot more specific. Ever wonder where those elaborate color names come from?

From flowers and foods… to chemical compounds and plenty of good ol’ Latin… to natural minerals, as well as some rather unconventional sources of being manufactured- colors have gotten their names from all over the world. Some are hard to pronounce, and even harder to spell correctly- and many of them have existed for centuries.

We’ve done a little research for you and made this list of a few colors of products that we carry here at Marker Supply with names/prefixes that may be unfamiliar to some.…

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Create A Colorful Cocoiro

The drabness of wintertime is almost at an end and the amount of color outside is about to come back… but if you can’t wait for things to turn green and be in full bloom, or if you spend a lot of your day inside at school or the office, add some extra color back into your world with the cool customizable color pen- the Cocoiro!


The ZIG Cocoiro Lettering Pen stands out from the rest of the pens you use every day with a variety of colors and interchangeable tips! Pick the one you like best from the 16 body color choices, or grab a few and mix ‘n match the top and bottom halves to create a 2-tone pen!…

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