Marker Supply’s Pen Pal Contest!

The new Marker Supply contest is here!  This time, EVERYONE who participates will get something in return. 🙂

With April being “National Letterwriting Month”, we’re all about celebrating handwritten letters and notes- so we couldn’t think of any better way to run this month’s contest but to have you send us some snail mail.

Physically putting a pen to paper and writing as a form of communication has almost become a lost art for most people. Since markers, pens, and pencils are our world here at Marker Supply, we want to see them in action.
Plus, the Marker Supply warehouse has recently expanded into a new space. We now will feature the “marker fan art corner”, a special section for showing off cool things our customers have created. This contest can be the perfect opportunity for you to help us start filling it up!



To be a part of our “Pen Pal Contest”, just send us something in the mail during the month of April.

It can be:
A letter or a note, about anything! Tell us about what kind or art you like to do, which supplies you like to use, what you think about our store, or ask us a question if you have one. It doesn’t even have to be about markers, you can talk about the weather or your summer vacation plans if you want to. 😉

Something written in your favorite form of calligraphy/lettering: If you are one of those folks who love to practice calligraphy or hand-lettering of any style- send us a note, one of your favorite quotes, or anything you like to write in your choice of fancy scripts.

A drawing or cartoon: Sometimes, pictures speak louder than words, and hand-drawn pictures can be just as special as a letter. So if drawing is your thing, just send us a doodle! A page from a coloring book works great too!

Send your snail mail to us here:
Marker Supply Pen Pal Contest
240 Great Circle Road, Suite 334
Nashville, TN 37228

Here’s one of the awesome pieces of “marker fan mail” we received last year:



EVERYONE that sends us mail will get something in their mailbox back from Marker Supply that includes a special pack of pens and a coupon code!

There will also be a randomly-selected Grand Prize Winner that will win
a 74-piece boxed set of Sakura Gelly Roll pens!


The Sakura Gelly Roll pens are one of our favorite pens for writing. With different varieties producing different effects, these unique pens let you letter with multiple colors, on light OR dark papers, and add special touches like glitter and metallic sheen. How do you choose which Gelly Roll you like the most? If you are the grand prize winner of this month’s contest, you won’t have to.. because you’ll get them all!

For every individual piece of mail that you send us, you’ll earn one entry into the grand prize drawing. However, only one participation prize pen pack/coupon code will be sent out per person.

Grand prize winner will be selected from a random drawing of all letters received that were postmarked in April. All prizes will be sent out to the addresses used on the mail that was sent to us.  Feel free to contact us HERE with any questions. 


Happy writing!! 🙂

New Contest: The Coloring Book Craze!

We’ve seen them everywhere- COLORING BOOKS are all the rage lately! Kids have always enjoyed them, and we are happy to see adults joining in the fun too!

This month, Marker Supply is highlighting markers that we love using for coloring books. Check out the Coloring Book Section on our website, and stay tuned for more blogs about the different types of coloring tools we have- including water-based markers, alcohol-based markers, and pencils!



Our current contest has several ways you can enter from now until August 17th. One grand prize winner to receive a complete set of all 24 Zig Brushables Markers! These double-ended markers have a solid color on one end, and a 50% lighter shade of that color on the other end. So in all, this set gives you 48 colors!! The durable, “rubber” brush tip makes it very easy to color larger spaces AND super tiny spaces as well. Zig Brushables are water-based, so they won’t bleed through your coloring book pages, and they are non-toxic- so kids can use them too!


When the contest has ended, we will randomly draw ONE grand prize winner to receive the Brushables set. We’ll also pick THREE runners-up who will win an assorted coloring book marker pack! We will notify the winners via email, so make sure to check your inbox (and the spam folder too, in case it gets filtered into there!)


You have a chance to earn multiple entries for our Coloring Book Contest, each by a different action.

*Sign up for our email newsletter!
Marker Supply sends out emails every now and then to let you know about new products, special offers, store closings, and more. Submit your email address and earn a contest entry! (Note: If you are already signed up for our newsletter- thanks! You can still submit your email address in that section and use it as an entry for this contest.)

*Tell us what you like to use in your coloring books!
Which markers do you like to color with? Check your favorites from off the list and earn a contest entry.

*Show us a page from your coloring book!
We love to see what your markers have made! Upload a photo of a page from your coloring book that you’ve colored to a social media website (Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter) with the hashtag #markersupply and then pair that photo with this entry option on the contest page.

Start earning your entries on our contest page HERE. Good luck! 🙂


This month at Marker Supply, we’re taking a look at one of our largest groups of markers:



“Chalk” paint markers are starting to be used instead of traditional chalk in lots of places. They don’t have the messy dust, they don’t easily smudge right off, they can be used multiple ways on multiple surfaces, and they give you a larger range of colors!

For the rest of July, we’ll be highlighting our chalk markers and paints, interviewing a few awesome chalkboard artists, and showcasing several projects that use chalk art.

blog-CHALKprojectsSM(Thanks to chalkboard artists Rudy Gaytan (Dungeness Crab sign) and Joseph Tubb (Durable Supply Company sign)!!)


And as for our MONTHLY MARKER CONTEST, this one’s an easy one. All you need to do to enter is sign up for our Marker Supply E-mail Newsletter! …and that’s it!! Use our handy entry form HERE!
Each month we’ll send you an email featuring some fun informational tidbits from our world of markers. News about what we are up to, new products we’ve added, blog updates, special offers, etc. etc…
(And don’t worry, your info is safe with us- we won’t give your email address to anyone else.)

Already signed up for our newsletter? That’s AWESOME. Thank you!
You can still enter our contest the same way, just put your email address into the contest entry form so you will be included in the drawing!

**Sign up for our email newsletter = get entered to win a Chalkboard Art Kit!!**
Just submit your email into our entry form HERE!

At the end of July, we will randomly draw from all of the email entries.

ONE grand prize winner will receive a “Chalkboard Art Kit” featuring:
A can of Krylon Chalkboard Paint
-A 10-pack of Zig Posterman paint markers
-Sample packets of SCRUBS cleaner wipes
-And a Strathmore Black Chalk paper pad (available at our sister company, Paper And Ink Arts!!)

FIVE more runner-up prize winners will each win a chalkboard marker gift pack!


So make sure to enter our contest, check back for more blog updates, and have some fun this month celebrating chalkboard art with Marker Supply!!

~The Marker Supply Team

Have “chalk art” ideas that you’d like to share? We’d love to see!!
~Instagram #MarkerSupply
~Twitter @MarkerSupply
~ or EMAIL US!!

Contest: Red, White & Blue- Which one’s for you?

Over the next month, we’ll be seeing a large amount of red, white, and blue as America gets ready for the July 4th holiday. So this has inspired us to do another contest here at Marker Supply!!

For this contest, we’ll put those 3 colors into their respective categories in the world of color tones:

* RED = Warm tones *

* WHITE = Neutral tones *

* BLUE = Cool tones *

All you need to do for this contest is:
-Tell us one of those color groups you prefer using in your own artwork and if there is a reason why -OR- Tell us how you’ve used those color groups to contrast each other in your art
-Submit a photo of one of your art pieces using that tone group/contrast!




Your art piece can be anything you’ve drawn, written, colored, etc. with markers, pens, or pencils.
A freestyle drawing, coloring book page, watercolor painting, a phrase written in calligraphy, or a project of any sort that uses markers! Be creative and let us see your favorite colored markers in action!

To submit your contest entry, you can email us HERE, or post your art piece to one of our social media pages:
* *
* Twitter @ MarkerSupply *
* Instagram #MarkerSupply *

As always, ALL entries will receive a free marker gift, so make sure that we have your mailing address! Include it in your email, or if you post your entry photo on our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, send us a separate email with your address so it can be kept private.

The best part– after the July 4th holiday weekend, we will randomly draw a winner from all of the entries and that person will win a “grand marker prize”!!! Winners are always chosen randomly, because we find it impossible to pick favorites when it comes to all of your awesome marker art!!

Artwork copyright note: Marker Supply won’t use your artwork for any purpose without your permission. However, we love seeing our markers in action and sharing the great things they can create, so we may contact you to see if you’d be ok with us posting your art to our website, newsletter, etc.

So get going and have fun with this month’s contest!! We look forward to seeing what your markers are up to!!

~The Marker Supply Team

Flower Contest Wrap-Up

The month of May has come to a close and so has our “April Showers Bring May Flowers” contest.

Thanks to everyone who submitted their flowery artwork!! We have some awesome artists out there!!

Congratulations to Marcella in Louisiana, who was our randomly chosen Grand Marker Prize Winner! We hope ALL of you will enjoy getting your free marker gifts.

Stay tuned for our next Marker Supply contest!


Pebeo Vitrea Markers- specially designed to paint on glass!


Grab an old canvas painting/photo and use it like a coloring book! Make your new “paint-over” image stand out with metallic or fluorescent colors!


Making some flower collages on cloth books and bags with the Zig Decoupage Glue Marker: formulated to work well on fabric surfaces!


Using the Zig Kurecolor Refill Inks for shaving cream marbling to try and make a Marigold garden card!


 Oil-based paint markers (Zig Painty and Marvy Decocolor) for coloring on stones- makes great garden plant signs!


A cute kiddo t-shirt made with the Zig Fabricolor markers!


Flowers-tinThis old cookie tin got a fresh flowery face using the oil-based paint markers Zig Painty and Marvy Decocolor!


There are so many fun marker projects out there!!
Feel free to let us know what YOU like to color!
Twitter @MarkerSupply
Instagram #MarkerSupply

Contest: “April Showers Bring May Flowers”


The month of April is over and, as they say, those springtime showers have started to bring us flowers!!

Flowers are such a widely used element in MANY forms of art. Some artistic styles and even colors were created because of an artist’s joy in drawing & painting floral scenes.

So we have another fun contest for you as we celebrate flowers through the month of May!!

Just send us a photo of your flower artwork and tell us which markers you used to make it. It can be a finished flowery page from a coloring book, something that’s bloomed in your own sketchbook from markers or pencils, watercolor-style botanicals, floral fabric art, or even a decorated flower pot!


You can post it to one of our social media pages, or email a photo to us! And for the best part- every entry gets a free marker gift AND gets entered to win a grand marker prize!!

To be eligible for the prizes: Make sure we receive your email address and your mailing address along with your artwork. If you post your art photo on our social media, send us a separate email with your info so it can be kept private. At the end of May, all entries will be mailed a fun free marker gift! Also at that time, one entry will be chosen from a random drawing to win a super awesome grand marker prize!

Artwork copyright note: Marker Supply won’t use your artwork for any purpose without your permission. However, we love seeing our markers in action and sharing how awesome they look, so we may contact you to see if you’d be ok with us posting your art to our website, newsletter, etc.

We are excited to see what kind of garden your markers will grow!!

Happy Spring,
~The Marker Supply Team

Instagram #MarkerSupply

Twitter @MarkerSupply

Or E-MAIL us!

Valentine’s Day Contest

Do you love Marker Supply and our products? ‘Tis the perfect season to let us know!


From now through February 28th, in light of the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, we’ll be having a special contest just for those of you who love to draw and color with our markers.

(View our YouTube video on how to make these simple watercolor cards
using the Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens, BrusH20, and 2 Way Glue

ALL ENTRIES WILL RECEIVE A SPECIAL FREE MARKER GIFT as our Valentine to you! And at the end of the contest, we will randomly draw from all the entries a “grand prize winner”- who along with your entry gift, will receive an awesome marker prize!!


To enter, just draw or color a Valentine to Marker Supply OR take a photo of your Valentine’s Day craft using your favorite markers and pens.

Then you can either:
Mail us your Valentine via snail mail to: Marker Supply; 240 Great Circle Road; Nashville TN; 37228

Send a photo of your card/craft via email to Make sure to include your name, and your contact address where we can send your entry gift. Also feel free to let us know which markers you used!

Or you can also post the photo to our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages!

(If you post your photo on our social media, send us a separate email with your contact information so we can send you your Valentine marker gift and notify you if you are the winner of the grand marker prize.)

We love those homemade marker arts & crafts and can’t wait to see what you guys do!