Snowman Image Transfer Project

Something we have really been enjoying at Markerland lately is image transferring (putting a printed image onto a raw wooden surface). It’s a great type of project for anyone to do, and can help you create both awesome art pieces and fun handmade gifts! Try it out this holiday season!!

This very simple process needs only a few supplies:
-An object made of plain, unfinished wood
Zig Decoupage Glue Marker
-Image(s) on paper, from a book or a printer
-Small spray bottle filled with water
-Extra markers if you want to do any additonal decorating (optional)

From start to finish, you will need several hours, or overnight, to let the piece dry inbetween steps.…

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Coloring Book Image Transfer Project!

All of this recent buzz about coloring BOOKS has left us also wanting to color on something other than paper.. so we at Marker Supply have been experimenting with a type of project called “image transferring”. Take a look at this super easy way to put any coloring page image onto a wooden surface!


What you’ll need:

*A piece of “raw” wood without a finish on it (no paint, glaze, etc.)*
*A one-sided page from a coloring book (Note: Everything in your original image will be flipped on the wood piece. Keep this in mind- as letters and numbers will appear backwards!)*
*Zig Decoupage Glue Marker (Find it HERE at Marker Supply!)*
*Spray Bottle & Water*

*and a few hours of patience, as your piece will take a while to dry before the fun part can happen.…

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The holidays are almost here! Everyone has been busy decorating, mailing out special cards, gathering family and friends… whatever your projects are this year, we want to help you find the perfect markers and pens to use!!

To wrap up our 3-part holiday blog series, find some neat ideas with products from Zig Kuretake!


Zig Memory System

If you are looking for an assortment of pens for papercrafts, you don’t have to look much farther than the Zig Memory System! A group of products specially designed for projects like cardmaking, scrapbooking, etc- the Memory System has just about everything! Various double-ended markers with different tip styles, “2 Way” Glue sticks, fine line writing pens, metallic brush pens, glitter markers, calligraphy pens, embossing markers, multicolor sets, and more!…

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