Sparkle Sparkle! A closer look at.. Glitter Pens

As we wrap up our Pen Pal contest, (thanks again to everyone who has written to us!!) we’ve noticed a TON of folks that love to use glitter pens and markers on their envelopes, cards, and letters… as well as mentioning to us that these shimmering tools are their favorite to use in journals, coloring books, scrapbooks, and other paper & fabric crafts.

So we decided to do a little highlight blog that gives you a closer look at different types of glitter pens we have here at Marker Supply!





Gelly Roll pens.. Everyone’s favorite, right?…

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Special markers to use with a heat tool


A heat tool can be very handy to have in the crafting world. Not only can it help to speed up the general drying time of some inks and glues, but it can also be used to make neat effects with special markers such as these:

* Zig Embossing Markers *

Zig’s Embossing Markers are double-ended, giving you 2 tips in 1 pen!
They come in 3 different styles:

*Zig Emboss Calligraphy (2mm flat chisel tip & 3.5mm flat chisel tip)*
Great for calligraphy lettering & straight edge designs!

*Zig Emboss Writer: (.5mm extra fine tip & 1.2mm bullet tip)*
Great for standard lettering & fine tip designs!

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