Back To School Product Highlights

Whether you’re going back to school this fall as a student or a teacher (or are just a parent trying to keep up with it all), Marker Supply has some awesome tools for things like notetaking and planners, poster-making, chalkboards, personalizing your folders/bags/shoes, and more!



Make sure the important lines of your notes, planners, calendars, and textbooks stand out with these highlighting pens. Following the pastel trends, you’ll now find options of softer tones instead of just the normal neons.

*Zebra Mildliners:
The favorite in our newly added line of Zebra products! Find a variety of fun colors and 2-tips-in-1 for the perfect size line.…

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Some Metallic Markers We Love!



This month’s focus on metallic markers had us rounding up some of our favorites!
Here’s a closer look at some of our go-to metallic picks:

*Pebeo 4Artist Copper Marker*


An impressive metallic marker that we fell in love with instantly. This oil-based copper paint pen makes smooth and shiny marks that look just like a melted penny! These markers can be used on multiple surfaces and give any craft a real WOW factor.

*Fabricolor Fine Tip Gold & Silver*


When asked what our recommendation is for autographs or other markings on black/dark fabrics, our best pick is the Zig Fabricolor Fine Tip marker in silver.…

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Special markers to use with a heat tool


A heat tool can be very handy to have in the crafting world. Not only can it help to speed up the general drying time of some inks and glues, but it can also be used to make neat effects with special markers such as these:

* Zig Embossing Markers *

Zig’s Embossing Markers are double-ended, giving you 2 tips in 1 pen!
They come in 3 different styles:

*Zig Emboss Calligraphy (2mm flat chisel tip & 3.5mm flat chisel tip)*
Great for calligraphy lettering & straight edge designs!

*Zig Emboss Writer: (.5mm extra fine tip & 1.2mm bullet tip)*
Great for standard lettering & fine tip designs!

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Chalk Marker Terms & Tips

Since it’s “chalk marker month” here at Marker Supply, we figured it would be a good time to go over a few basic details of these types of markers to help you pick which ones are right for you!!


Some terms commonly used with chalk markers:

WET-WIPE / WET-ERASE: This type of ink is removable from non-porous surfaces with plain water. Just use a damp cloth and your marks will come off! Best used for indoor art, and for those projects that need to be re-written often- menus, calendars, etc.

WATERPROOF: The opposite of a wet-erase marker, this is the semi-permanent kind of chalk marker ink.…

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With the holidays approaching fast, we’ve begun putting together a few lists of marker projects for holiday decorating! Whether you are entertaining guests for dinner, needing fun projects for the kids, or just wanting to make your house or office a bit more festive- keep your eyes here on the Marker Supply blog! We’ll be highlighting products from several different brands, and a few ways you can use them this holiday season!

This 1st Blog in the Holiday Decorating Series features products from Marvy Uchida!

The Marvy Easy Chalkboard Marker

This is one of several new markers here at Marker Supply, and we are excited about it!…

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