Warm Metallics: Gold Ink Variations

The variety of warm metallic colors includes many shades of gold, along with other metals such as copper and bronze- but even with the same color name, they definitely do not all look the same!


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Use these ink swatches as a reference for how each marker appears on light vs. dark surfaces, which ones shine when turned to the light, and find the warm metallic markers that will work the best for you!


Water-based Papercraft Markers


The Zig Wink of Stella Glitter Markers leave a nice amount of glitter along with their color! Unfortunately with this type of marker, the glitter is all that shows up on dark paper.

Colored Pencils


These colored pencils really show how metallic colors can completely change when used on light vs. dark paper! Most often, darker papers tend to show off the metallic properties, and white papers highlight the actual color of the mark.

Gel Pens



Gel pens are great at demonstrating how some metallics can show dark, flat color at one angle, and then become super bright and shiny when hit with light at another angle. This property is known as a color’s sheen.

Chalkboard/Poster/Window Markers


When using metallic colors on chalkboards, make sure to test in a small area how easily they clean off. Metallic paint contents can sometimes leave a mark (called ghosting) since some chalkboards are more on the porous side, and can soak in the color pigments.


Fabric Markers



The color and effect of metallic fabric markers depends a great deal on the type of fabric used. Some can soak up the color, and some can soak up the metallic shine. Always test your paint in a small area first!


An interesting example of the same copper paint marker (Zig Fabricolor) used on various fabrics. The softer fleece left the color completely on top, while the thicker denim soaked in all but the bright metallic pigments.


 Oil-Based & Permanent Ink Markers





Permanent metallic ink markers can definitely have an impressive sheen to them when turned into the light (and then there are some that have none at all!) This is also a type of marker that will look totally different depending on the surface.


Most paint markers don’t look their best on paper and can soak in or appear flat. While some DO work on paper surfaces, it’s usually the thick/non-porous surfaces that show the most impressive results.


We’d love to see what your markers are making!

Share your gold (or other metallic) art/craft with us and tell us which metallic markers you like the best!
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Some Metallic Markers We Love!



This month’s focus on metallic markers had us rounding up some of our favorites!
Here’s a closer look at some of our go-to metallic picks:

*Pebeo 4Artist Copper Marker*


An impressive metallic marker that we fell in love with instantly. This oil-based copper paint pen makes smooth and shiny marks that look just like a melted penny! These markers can be used on multiple surfaces and give any craft a real WOW factor.

*Fabricolor Fine Tip Gold & Silver*


When asked what our recommendation is for autographs or other markings on black/dark fabrics, our best pick is the Zig Fabricolor Fine Tip marker in silver. Its super light ink appears almost white but gives a brighter, slightly shiny appearance that really stands out. The Zig Fabricolor Fine Tip gold marker is a deep, almost bronze-like gold, with bright gold specks blended in that looks beautiful on all types of fabrics!

*Fudebiyori Metallic Brush Markers*

With their soft and flexible brush tip, the Fudebiyori (Foo-dee-bee-your-ee) markers work very well for lettering as well as making other designs, borders, and more. The ink flows super smoothly from the tip, and brings incredible metallic colors to light or dark papers.

*Wink of Stella Glitter Brush Pens*

Glitter can be added to SO many things, making them stand out with a sparkle. The amount of glitter that these pens lay down along with their color is pretty amazing! They are available in a variety of different colors, and can be used alone or over the top of other colored areas. Plus, this pen is easily controllable with a squeezable barrel and real bristle-type brush.

*Gelly Roll Shadow*


A special type of Gelly Roll, the “Shadow” roller ball gel pens have the unique feature of writing with a color that quickly turns into a metallic color (gold or silver) and leaves just a hint of the other color on the edges for a fun effect as you write!


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Happy fall, everyone!
While most people are busy making everything pumpkin spice, check out what us marker folks have been up to as the autumn season kicks off…



Carving pumpkins is a seasonal favorite activity, but sometimes this project could use a little twist. Making pumpkin art for decorations and have too many to carve? Have little kids that you don’t want around sharp carving tools and candles? Or if you are just looking for something different this year… try pumpkin painting!

Be as simple or as detailed as you want to be! The possibilities are pretty much endless- see what awesome faces & designs you can make!

Note: If you are looking to do this craft with kids, make sure to use WATER-BASED markers (such as ZIG Posterman, ZIG Woodcraft, and Sharpie Poster Markers). They are safe to use and clean up more easily.

Some markers we used:


When doing faces and designs, the Zig Posterman Markers worked the best with our pumpkins. They applied evenly, didn’t drip down, and dried quickly and smoothly. The Posterman Medium PMA30 and Fine PMA20 sized bullet tips work great for drawing and writing!

FallBlog-postermanmarkers Posterman Painted Pumpkins!

Wash test!
Posterman Ink should hold up well under rainy conditions! ..Or if you want to give your pumpkin a bath..

Reminder to test your markers before you get started!
The Posca paint markers applied well at first, but within a few minutes, began to crack and flake off!! So always test a small area with your markers first, before you get too far into your artwork, to see how they react with the surface being painted on.

Good thing we’d only done one part! This pumpkin was not a fan of the Posca paint.

*New Posterman Ink:

A great way to test out our new Posterman Waterproof Ink! The same great ink from Zig markers- in small plastic jars! Make custom colors, and apply with any tool you wish- paint brushes, sponges, stencils- whatever!!




The Zig Illumigraph Markers were fun to use on pumpkins too!

The Biggie 50 tips made “splatter art” super easy.

Plus, the Illumigraph Markers glow under UV light- so if you have a black light to put near your pumpkins- these markers will really make them stand out at night!!


Note: Illumigraph paint markers are a “wet-wipe” marker, so keep those pumpkins inside- your designs will not be waterproof! But this feature does make it simple to fix and re-do any mistakes!

Illumigraph marks are easily removed with a damp cloth!


The Marvy Decocolor & Zig Painty markers applied pretty well- needing a second coat in some places to get even color. They left a beautiful glossy shine even after the paint was dry!


Plus, these markers are super-permanent, so your designs will stay put in the rain or snow! And with each marker having a large palette of unique colors, it will be easy to find some you love!
Note: These markers are oil-based and contain Xylene- making them NOT good for kids to use!!



If the fall season gives us an abundance of any potential art material, it would be leaves!!

One of our favorite projects this year was using the Krylon Leafing Pens to make some beautiful metallic leaves. A pen with “LEAF” right in the name seemed to fit! And the results were awesome!

Krylon Leafing Pens smoothly apply special paint that looks like real metal!


Use your metallic leaves loose as table or shelf décor, glue (or decoupage!) them to cards or other objects as a unique embellishment, or make decorative mobiles / wind chimes! The Zig Fudebiyori and Sakura Gelly Roll pens can help add some nice additional metallic/glitter designs!



Try the Krylon Leafing Pens for yourself! These special paint markers come in multiple colors and create a look of real metal accents- adding a fancy touch to a wide variety of objects! Also good for these types of projects are the new Marvy Decocolor Premium Metallic Markers!

*Note: Due to the content of the ink in these markers, they are NOT suitable for kids to use.



Dressing up for Halloween this year? Marker Supply has a wide variety of fabric markers that can help you create or touch up whatever your costume may be!

Marvy Fabric Markers come in 3 different tip sizes and are pigmented ink that you don’t need to iron to heat set! Just apply and let dry, then it’s permanent and waterproof!

Marvy Decofabric Markers have various special effect markers including glitter and fluorescent! Also find them in handy sets- including a Halloween set and an Autumn-color metallic set!

Try the Glow-in-the-Dark Decofabric to add a fun glowing effect!


As always, we’d love to see what arts & crafts you guys are doing! Share your autumn marker projects with us on Facebook (Marker Supply), Instagram (#MarkerSupply), Twitter (@MarkerSupply), or by EMAIL!