Featured Artist: My Perk Me Up Cup

Marker Supply has encountered a variety of amazing artists over the years! We’re very happy and thankful to have so many loyal customers that love creating art with our markers.

To help highlight the works of these talented folks and the drawing tools they use, we are excited to have a series of Featured Artists here in the Marker Supply Blog!


Artist: Samantha @ My Perk Me Up Cup
Project: Painted glass & dishware
Products: Pebeo Porcelaine 150 and Vitrea 160 Markers
One of our favorite Pebeo-painting mug artists is Samantha at My Perk Me Up Cup. She creates custom mugs with a LARGE variety of free-hand designs including characters, colors, and clever couples’ sets!  …

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With the holidays approaching fast, we’ve begun putting together a few lists of marker projects for holiday decorating! Whether you are entertaining guests for dinner, needing fun projects for the kids, or just wanting to make your house or office a bit more festive- keep your eye on the Marker Supply blog! We’ll be highlighting products from several different brands, and a few ways you can use them this holiday season!

Our holiday decorating series continues with new ideas from our Pebeo products!!


Imported from France, our Pebeo line has some special products that work great for holiday décor!

The greatest feature about Pebeo paints is that when used on surfaces that can be baked in an oven, the painted marks will become permanent after baking- so items like dishes can be washed and your artwork will stay put!…

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Some DOs and DON’Ts of Dish Decorating

Making a personalized mug, bowl, plate, etc. for someone (or for yourself!) using markers is a fun craft that creates a special, unique piece and can be a great gift! Here are some tips to ensure your artwork lasts..

A common mistake people make when creating artwork on dishes that will be used and washed is using the incorrect type of marker. Permanent ink markers like Sharpies are PERMANENT, right? On some surfaces, yes- but on things like glossy dishes, that get washed over and over, an ink marker’s marks can begin to fade quickly. It’s very important that you use markers that are designed for the surface you are decorating on.…

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