Back To School Product Highlights

Whether you’re going back to school this fall as a student or a teacher (or are just a parent trying to keep up with it all), Marker Supply has some awesome tools for things like notetaking and planners, poster-making, chalkboards, personalizing your folders/bags/shoes, and more!



Make sure the important lines of your notes, planners, calendars, and textbooks stand out with these highlighting pens. Following the pastel trends, you’ll now find options of softer tones instead of just the normal neons.

*Zebra Mildliners:
The favorite in our newly added line of Zebra products! Find a variety of fun colors and 2-tips-in-1 for the perfect size line.…

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Marker Supply’s Pen Pal Contest!

The new Marker Supply contest is here!  This time, EVERYONE who participates will get something in return. 🙂

With April being “National Letterwriting Month”, we’re all about celebrating handwritten letters and notes- so we couldn’t think of any better way to run this month’s contest but to have you send us some snail mail.

Physically putting a pen to paper and writing as a form of communication has almost become a lost art for most people. Since markers, pens, and pencils are our world here at Marker Supply, we want to see them in action.
Plus, the Marker Supply warehouse has recently expanded into a new space. …

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Here at the Marker Supply warehouse, one of the most common things people come looking for are opaque white ink pens for writing on paper.

Unfortunately, we always have to say that these types of pens are still practically non-existent.

The main reason?
The type of ink required to make a functional white ink pen has been very difficult to produce. It would need to be both thin enough to flow through a pen tip AND thick enough to stay a visible white once it’s marked onto paper.


Pigments vs. Dyes

There’s a little illustration we’ve heard that can help explain a big difference between two types of ink- Pigments and Dyes:

First, take 2 glasses of water.…

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Some Metallic Markers We Love!



This month’s focus on metallic markers had us rounding up some of our favorites!
Here’s a closer look at some of our go-to metallic picks:

*Pebeo 4Artist Copper Marker*


An impressive metallic marker that we fell in love with instantly. This oil-based copper paint pen makes smooth and shiny marks that look just like a melted penny! These markers can be used on multiple surfaces and give any craft a real WOW factor.

*Fabricolor Fine Tip Gold & Silver*


When asked what our recommendation is for autographs or other markings on black/dark fabrics, our best pick is the Zig Fabricolor Fine Tip marker in silver.…

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Overview of Watercolor Markers

Watercolor is a timeless style of painting and sketching. Using markers instead of tubes of paint, etc. is a quick, simple, and more mess-free way to explore this type of art! This blog takes you through the markers we have at Marker Supply that are dye-based and will easily blend with water (and with other colors) to create smooth color gradations, shadows and fading effects, and of course- watercolor art!

(*All of these markers are water-based and should not bleed through most papers. However, it is recommended that if you are blending them with water to create watercolor style art, you use a thicker paper designed to handle the moisture.)


Zig Clean Color Real Brush Marker

blog-watercolor-cleancolor     blog-watercolor-ccrbbrushline  blog-cleancolorpen

Colors Available: 80

Sets Available:
Set of 48 with Case and Bonus Water Brush
Color Tone Sets of 6
Color Scheme Sets of 4
Set of 6
Set of 12
Shade and Shadow Set of 20
Trend Set of 12
Grayscale Set of 20

Tip Style: Single-Ended, bristle brush

Currently a very popular watercolor marker, the Clean Colors have been recently featured on many craft blogs. …

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