Back To School Product Highlights

Whether you’re going back to school this fall as a student or a teacher (or are just a parent trying to keep up with it all), Marker Supply has some awesome tools for things like notetaking and planners, poster-making, chalkboards, personalizing your folders/bags/shoes, and more!



Make sure the important lines of your notes, planners, calendars, and textbooks stand out with these highlighting pens. Following the pastel trends, you’ll now find options of softer tones instead of just the normal neons.

*Zebra Mildliners:
The favorite in our newly added line of Zebra products! Find a variety of fun colors and 2-tips-in-1 for the perfect size line.…

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$1.00 Marker Clearance Sale!

Did you know that Marker Supply has a nice variety of markers for $1.00 or less?!?

The best place to find these deals is the Marker Supply Clearance Section. Lots of pens and markers find their way here for one reason or another- whether they’ve been discontinued by the manufacturer, they’ve become overstocked, the set they’ve come from has been broken apart, or they are just being taken out of our inventory to make room for new things. Nonetheless, these are still awesome items that you can now score for an awesome price.

Some of our best dollar deals right now:


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Coloring Cards by Between the Evergreens

Greeting cards are fun to give your friends & family for special occasions, or any time.. just because!

While attending RAW: Nashville’s Holiday Rawk Artist Showcase this week, we came across artist Elizabeth Lang & her company between the evergreens.


Elizabeth not only does wonderful watercolor paintings & artwork featuring various trees, but she also makes some really awesome greeting cards- that you can color yourself!


Whether you want to be the one to color them OR if you’d rather give them as gifts for others to color, Marker Supply has some great markers to use with these cardstock cards.…

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Snowman Image Transfer Project

Something we have really been enjoying at Markerland lately is image transferring (putting a printed image onto a raw wooden surface). It’s a great type of project for anyone to do, and can help you create both awesome art pieces and fun handmade gifts! Try it out this holiday season!!

This very simple process needs only a few supplies:
-An object made of plain, unfinished wood
Zig Decoupage Glue Marker
-Image(s) on paper, from a book or a printer
-Small spray bottle filled with water
-Extra markers if you want to do any additonal decorating (optional)

From start to finish, you will need several hours, or overnight, to let the piece dry inbetween steps.…

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Some Metallic Markers We Love!



This month’s focus on metallic markers had us rounding up some of our favorites!
Here’s a closer look at some of our go-to metallic picks:

*Pebeo 4Artist Copper Marker*


An impressive metallic marker that we fell in love with instantly. This oil-based copper paint pen makes smooth and shiny marks that look just like a melted penny! These markers can be used on multiple surfaces and give any craft a real WOW factor.

*Fabricolor Fine Tip Gold & Silver*


When asked what our recommendation is for autographs or other markings on black/dark fabrics, our best pick is the Zig Fabricolor Fine Tip marker in silver.…

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Special markers to use with a heat tool


A heat tool can be very handy to have in the crafting world. Not only can it help to speed up the general drying time of some inks and glues, but it can also be used to make neat effects with special markers such as these:

* Zig Embossing Markers *

Zig’s Embossing Markers are double-ended, giving you 2 tips in 1 pen!
They come in 3 different styles:

*Zig Emboss Calligraphy (2mm flat chisel tip & 3.5mm flat chisel tip)*
Great for calligraphy lettering & straight edge designs!

*Zig Emboss Writer: (.5mm extra fine tip & 1.2mm bullet tip)*
Great for standard lettering & fine tip designs!

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Coloring Book Image Transfer Project!

All of this recent buzz about coloring BOOKS has left us also wanting to color on something other than paper.. so we at Marker Supply have been experimenting with a type of project called “image transferring”. Take a look at this super easy way to put any coloring page image onto a wooden surface!


What you’ll need:

*A piece of “raw” wood without a finish on it (no paint, glaze, etc.)*
*A one-sided page from a coloring book (Note: Everything in your original image will be flipped on the wood piece. Keep this in mind- as letters and numbers will appear backwards!)*
*Zig Decoupage Glue Marker (Find it HERE at Marker Supply!)*
*Spray Bottle & Water*

*and a few hours of patience, as your piece will take a while to dry before the fun part can happen.…

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Coloring Book Markers: Zig Double-Ended

The new craze of coloring books has people searching for the best tools to bring color and life to their pages. There are so many kinds to choose from! Marker Supply is focusing several blogs on markers and more that are perfect for use in coloring!

See Part 2: Pens & Pencils

See Part 3: Alcohol-Based Markers



We love dual tip markers because it’s like getting 2 pens in 1! And these water-based markers make great choices for coloring books, because the ink tends to not bleed through most papers- a great benefit if you have double-sided pages!…

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New Contest: The Coloring Book Craze!

We’ve seen them everywhere- COLORING BOOKS are all the rage lately! Kids have always enjoyed them, and we are happy to see adults joining in the fun too!

This month, Marker Supply is highlighting markers that we love using for coloring books. Check out the Coloring Book Section on our website, and stay tuned for more blogs about the different types of coloring tools we have- including water-based markers, alcohol-based markers, and pencils!



Our current contest has several ways you can enter from now until August 17th. One grand prize winner to receive a complete set of all 24 Zig Brushables Markers!…

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Featured Artist: @SignJay

We’re wrapping up chalk markers and chalkboard month at Marker Supply with another featured artist!!

Aside from party boards (as featured in our blog about LA Sign Design), and the countless chalk marker projects you can do at home (some of which highlighted in our last blog), another big area that you may notice the art of chalkboard signs is in stores and restaurants! Windows, displays, grocery departments, event posters, menus, and more can have such a nice appeal to customers after they’ve been decorated with chalk markers!!

chalk markers

We Markerland folks are always very impressed by the talented people behind those signs, and we are excited to feature a chalkboard sign artist who is very active in doing store display and event poster chalkboards!…

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